Siroflex® FOAM & GUN CLEANER is a cleaner designed to remove fresh polyurethane residue and foam and to rinse and clean foam guns after use.  It will NOT dissolve cured foam.


Cleaning Uncured Foam

  • Remove black cap from top of can.
  • Attach spray nozzle head to valve.
  • Test surface before proceeding as acetone will dissolve most types of coatings and can affect dyes and finishes.
  • Point can and nozzle towards surface that contains uncured foam. Carefully spray uncured foam directly with cleaner.

Gun Cleaning

  • Unscrew can of foam from gun.
  • Follow cleaning instructions at left to remove any uncured foam from gun coupling and nozzle prior to attaching the cleaner can to gun.
  • If spray nozzle is attached to foam cleaner can, remove spray nozzle and attach gun to can, being sure to screw on gun until seal is tight. Do not over tighten.
  • Aim gun into container suitable for dispensing of cleaner, such as a can or box.
  • Pull trigger several times until cleaner extrudes from nozzle.
  • Release trigger and wait 3 minutes for cleaner to soak in gun.
  • Pull trigger multiple times, dispensing cleaner into container until clear solvent is dispensed from nozzle of the gun.
  • Attach new can of foam sealant to applicator gun or store gun until next use.

Typical Properties

    Appearance: Colorless liquid

    Base: Acetone

    Odor: Strong solvent odor

    Specific Gravity: 0.8

    Application Temperature: Under 120ºF

    Shelf life: 12 months

    Storage: Store in a dry cool area under 120ºF


    Siroflex® FOAM & GUN CLEANER is available in 13.78 oz (390g) cans, 12 cans per case.


    Siroflex® FOAM & GUN CLEANER should be stored in a dry cool area not to exceed 120F for maximum shelf life and safety.

    Warnings / Limitations

    • Wear chemical resistant goggles, nitrile gloves and suitable work clothing during use.
    • EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE. Vapor may migrate to other rooms. Do not use near open flame or smoke during use. Shut off all pilot lights and all sources of ignition including, but not limited to candles, space heaters and halogen lamps.
    • Provide adequate ventilation during use.
    • Use mechanical ventilation to maintain exposure below TLV. If TLV is exceeded, use appropriate NIOSH approved respirator.
    • Use in vertical position only.

    First Aid

    For eye contact flush with water for 15 minutes. Call a physician if eye irritation develops or persists. For skin contact, wash area affected thoroughly with soap and water. Call a physician if skin irritation develops or persists. If vapors are inhaled, move to area with fresh air and contact a physician. If swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting. Call a physician or Poison Control Center.


    Available through your local Siroflex® Inc. distributor. Call 1-800-359-6398 or email to find your local distributor.

    Notice to Purchaser

    Siroflex® Inc. warrants its products to conform to Siroflex® Inc. published specifications. The user shall determine the suitability of the product to their particular application. the foregoing warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, including those of the merchantability or fitness for any purpose not expressly set forth herein. Manufacturer’s and seller’s liability for damage hereunder shall not exceed the purchase value of the goods used. IN NO EVENT SHALL MANUFACTURER OR SELLER BE RESPONSIBLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE USE OF THIS PRODUCT BY BUYER, BUYER’S USER, OR ANY OTHER PERSON. Notification of claim must be sent in writing to Siroflex® Inc. The notice should contain a statement as to how the product failed to meet our warranty, the proof of purchase and the amount of refund claimed.