Pro 500 Foam & Seal Applicator


The PRO 500 is our premium foam sealant dispensing tool. The PRO 500 foam dispensing gun is the top professional choice when applying screw-on canister foam and adhesive products and features a Teflon® coating for all critical parts for longer life and ease of use. The fully coated gun body, barrel, nozzle, trigger, canister adapter, ball bearing foam stop, needle and check valve make clean up easier and minimizes dried foam built-up. The Pro 500 allows precise control of foam dispensing for filling small gaps to large voids or cracks and for filling door and window door jamb voids. A tight seal between the gun and the foam or adhesive canister allows the foam canister to be reused for up to 30 days.


  • Durable, lightweight, high-strength nickel plated body & trigger
  • Comfortable handle/grip made of solvent resistant Nylon
  • Teflon® nonstick coating (body, barrel, nozzle, trigger, can adaptor, needle, check valve)
  • Excellent bead control. Variable foam bead size from 1/8" to 3" (0.3 cm to 8 cm)
  • Less foam waste compared to straw dispensers
  • Large flow control knob with secured back-screw system to lock trigger
  • Barbed dispenser tip allows use with plastic straw extenders for hard to reach areas. 
    No post-dispensing foam drip helping reduce foam waste and minimize cleanup
    Restartable for up to 30 days

Perfect for use with all Siroflex® Window & Door Foam and Siroflex® Gun Cleaner. 

12-3/4" Length
8-1/2″ Tall
11.1 oz (314 gm)


Package Contents:
Qik-Foam PRO 500 foam sealant dispensing gun
Two 8" (203 mm) plastic extension straws for extending the reach of gun.
Two 2" (51 mm) cone-shaped tips for finer foam dispensing